Wellbeing Shouldn't be Studied by a Trial on Self? / by Sheena Patel

By Ying Zhang. March 13th 2017

Studying on wellbeing (mental and physical) shouldn't be started by a trial on self?

Tai Chi and yoga have been proved since thousands of years ago in Asia and also many recent studies (western world) as an effective method to keep human being’s mind-body balanced and efficient. In many studies it is called to be of mindfulness (to be honest, i am still questioning the depth of mindfulness being studied)

In the Western world, even though tai chi and yoga have been widely introduced and applied, we have hardly seen such arts being diffused and taught by linking the philosophies of them in behind and the rationale of systematic body- mind works. It might be due to the lack of linking knowledge of philosophies, asian medicine science, sutras, and practical martial arts themselves. Therefore not surprisingly, many of the functions of such arts have been under measured, under-practiced and under-performed.

To myself, it has been a magic for many years since I studied and trained by a comprehensive set of Tai chi and yoga (knowledge). With joint interests, my another round of very exciting studies will be continuously cross-continental, with practitioners and scholars, start -ups and corporates, on discovering mind-body intervention (integrating philosophy, mind, and body, western and eastern medicine practices and philosophies) and balance with our partners from USA, Europe, and Asia.

The immediate research project will be with my partner, one of the world leading yoga masters, Ms. Sheena Patel, to launch an uniquely integrative program of mind-body intervention and balance through MindBodyIntervention Institute. We have been working very hard in the past year to study and design such a program to take three key elements from two arts (taichi and yoga) in terms of philosophy/spirit, mind, body motions into the study/training system, in order to help our stakeholders to self-diagnose, self-cure, self-improve, and self further being prosperous.

Surely more interesting results will be emerged but I would boldly predict that there might not be much significant deviation from what our yoga and tai chi ancestors clearly proposed in all sorts of sutras. Different time-beings are upheld, however the same treasure of wisdom will be shared, despite of time beings.

May more people benefit from Tai chi and Yoga, such amazing oriental mind-body practices, and to a balanced, happy, and healthy experience, with the motion of self-concisousness, motion of meditation, motion of collaborative growth, with self, others, and most importantly with the nature of you.
— Ying Zhang, LinkedinPlus