The Mind Body Institution embodies both 'Sanatana Dharma' (Hinduism) and 'The Way' (Taoism) with applied western academic work to promote overall well-being for today's world. At the Institution we believe that besides reaching material prosperity, each human being has a calling to be self-conscious and self-discipline. The Mind Body Institution leads persons to mental peace through the integration of body/behavior, mind/emotion, and intellect/knowledge. As for ZPA (Zhang & Patel Associate) Mind Body Institution, we deduce that without understanding the mechanism of negative qualities and the rationale for stimulating positive values in one's personality, our relationship with the external world would hardly reach a perfect state. Through ZPA Mind Body Institution we can reach our potential through accepting and revising our imperfections; balancing our mental and physical states; to ultimately bring more value to our community, our country and our world. 

Our Institution promotes integration of being to reach a conscious mind, body, intellect; so one can eliminate negative thoughts, tendencies and actions and generate only positive values. By cultivating equipoise thought the mind, body and intellect we can tap into a resource of unused energy to reach true life satisfaction. Our practice will uplift one individual at a time to raise self-consciousness to upgrade collective prosperity.  

Therefore, ZPA MBI aims to contribute to this field through diversified expertise and experience by applying western academic science and rigor to eastern health and philosophy retooled for today's age. ZPA MBI will continue to conduct and study trials to bring the most innovative health program for today's people in today's world of technology. 

Our Program is designed for the body, mind and intellect from the merit of eastern therapies such as yoga and tai chi. We will work with individuals on both academic and practical relevance as well as physical and psychological training. By learning in a harmonious atmosphere with consideration of the five elements we aim to deliver a series of effective workshops. We are extremely passionate to learn and work with each one of you to help manifest harmonious integration of thought and action towards a brighter future for all. 

Here’s to a better life, an uplifted community and improvement of social and economic conditions for all.
— Dr. Ying Zhang & Sheena Patel